Causeway Cast, Role, Salary, Director, Producer, Trailer

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Causeway Cast, Role, Salary, Director, Producer, Trailer: Causeway is a Hollywood psychological drama film, Which is directed by Lila Neugebauer. Film stars Jennifer Lawrence, Brian Tyree Henry, Linda Emond and Stephen McKinley Henderson. In film plot Lynsey (Lawrence), a soldier who suffers a traumatic brain injury, while deployed in Afghanistan and struggles to adjust to life back home. The film is released on November 4, 2022 on Apple TV+.

1. Jennifer Lawrence as Lynsey

Salary : $ 12 million

2. Brian Tyree Henry as James

Salary : $ 1.5 million

3. Linda Emond as Gloria

Salary : $ 750,000

4. Stephen McKinley Henderson as Dr. Lucas

Salary : $ 550,000

5. Russell Harvard as Justin

Salary : $ 350,000

6. Jayne Houdyshell as Sharon

Salary : $ 150,000

7. Joshua Hull as Security Contractor

Salary : $ 110,000