Megan Cast, Role, Salary, Director, Producer, Release Date

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Megan Cast, Role, Salary, Director, Producer, Release Date: Megan is a Hollywood science fiction horror film, Which is directed by Gerard Johnstone. The film stars Allison Williams, Violet McGraw, Ronny Chieng, Brian Jordan Alvarez and Jen Van Epps. Film is produced by Jason Blum and James Wan. The film is released on January 13, 2023 on theatres.

Megan Overview

Name Megan
Original Language  English
Release Date January 13, 2023
Directed By Gerard Johnstone
Produced By Jason Blum
James Wan
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Budget $20 million

1. Allison Williams as Gemma

Salary : $ 550,000

2. Violet McGraw as Katie

Salary : $ 220,000

3. Jenna Davis as voice of M3GAN

Salary : $ 40,000

4. Ronny Chieng

Salary : $ 120,000

5. Brian Jordan Alvarez as Cole

Salary : $ 80,000

6. Jen Van Epps as Tess

Salary : $ 70,000

7. Stephane Garneau-Monten as Kurt

Salary : $ 30,000

Megan Trailer